SUMBU first started as a platform to allow people to explore and understand more about the environment and to raise awareness to its protection. It quickly turned into a brand revolving the lifestyle of sustainability, optimism, positivity, mindfulness.

SUMBU is to hold space for all to pause, explore and reflect. Follow us on our journey!

10% of our proceeds are donated to wildlife/rainforest/ocean conservation projects especially in Indonesia. We’ve donated to different kinds of project through Friends of the National Parks Foundation, The Orangutan Project and many more.


SUMBU’s goal is to educate people to understand the basics of what they can do to become more eco-conscious and make different choices on a personal level that start to change their awareness and how they can start practicing conservation as they will become more aware of the consumption of resources.

SUMBU as a revival to blue and green

We currently live in a linear economy where we take resources from the earth and then dump them in a giant hole in the ground. The goal of zero waste is to move to a circular economy where cut down waste. The circular economy mimics nature in that there is no trash in nature.

Being environmentally conscious is no longer exclusively an ecologist's thing. Every day you have the decision to positively impact the planet. How do you buy your groceries? What are you eating? What are you buying? Everything is interconnected. Every purchase you make is a vote for the kind of world you want to live in. We as consumers have to power to make an impact.

You can be the difference, and we want to make it easy.
Join us in saving the Earth, one bag at a time!


We just launched our UPCYCLED bags project, made out of used materials, constructed from repurposed durable rice burlap sack with used plastic lining. We are in the process of upcycling more materials in the future, so stay tuned to our journey!

Sumbu is generally known as a brand that embraces a slow-paced life. But with its newest addition to the collection, Sumbu also wants to embosom the city’s life pace which is fast and everchanging. Combining city needs with eco-consciousness, Sumbu finally launches its new product that’s made out of deadstock cotton twill from incomplete productions by other brands.

This product is inspired by the fast pace of city life where everyone needs to go around quickly and has everything on them at the same time. This bag can fit everything you need—it’s large, multi-functional, and also adaptable to your ever-changing daily needs.

Bamboo T-shirt

Our clothing is made out of 70% OEKO-TEX® bamboo & 30% organic cotton. We spend a lot of time ensuring our products can trace an ethical and sustainable path back to their origins, right through the bamboo and cotton being organically grown and sourced through certified, fair trading schemes. Even the ink and printing process has to be ecologically as good as you can get.

A love of nature and respect for the environment is central to SUMBU.

We committed to working with fabrics that have limited social and environmental impact, but also feel super soft against your skin and comfortable to wear.


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